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Dangal Became The Highest Grosser Bollywood Movie Ever

dangal highest grosser ever
Written by Abhishek

Dangal highest grosser ever : Dangal China’s business has allowed Dangal to wrest back the title of ‘highest-earning Indian film ever’ from a contender that seemed almost unbeatable — SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2. The Aamir starrer is now in line to touch about Rs 1,800 crore in total box office collections.

Dangal Became the highest grosser Indian movie ever taking the record from Bahubali 2 which created just a week before. How many knows that it will possible so soon. Every trade analyst said that Bahubali 2 record will stay for year to come but Dangal has proved everyone wrong. It breaks the record of Bahubali 2  in just a week. All thanks to China. The way Dangal is trending in China. It is possible tosay that it will cross even 2000crore which was not even heard 1-2 month before. Even not a single movie has touch 1000 crore excluding Bahubali2 and Dangal. And here is Dangal which is close to touching 2000 crore.

Previously if a movie has done above 100 crore then it considered a great acheivement, Yep it is true. So we are counting the star level according to this like How many 100 crore Salman Khan has given, Shah rukh has given etc. But Dangal has changed all this. 100 crore looks very tiny when it comes to Dangal. If 100 crore is called a blockbuster then what we call Bahubali2 and Dangal which has already grossed more than 1600 and 1700 crore respectively and is still ruling the world.

Also, Dangal‘s success may be big news in India, but in China itself, it’s currently on the 35th position on the highest-earners list. The top non-Chinese film on the list is The Fate of The Furious‘ eighth installment, Furious 8, which earned $390 million there. Dangal‘s $130+ million China collection is surpassed by that of films like Kong: Skull Island, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (not to mention the other usual suspects on highest-earning films world over, like Avatar, Avengers, Captain America et al)

Considering this, Salman Khan tubelight is all set to open big in China. Tubelight is now expected to be the next big hitter in China: Kabir Khan was one of the filmmakers who was reportedly set to helm one of the Indian-Chinese co-productions discussed pre-Kung Fu Yoga; Tubelight stars Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. However, while these facts may work in Tubelight‘s favour, its storyline — the China-India War of 1962 — may prove to be a sensitive subject for the Chinese government.

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